Work in progress

A multitude of movement. Information so dense that it is silencing. A noise so intense that it shuts out everything and makes it whole. A chaos so great that it is quiet in its obscurity.

Inspired by theories of Byung-Chul Han on our information-filled society today, White Noise makes an attempt on visualizing our everyday dealings with information and impulses. If we were to materialize all data streams and impressions coming our way, what would it look like. Probably a bit like a snowstorm, an abundance of small particles nagging you and making you unable to see past the closest flakes. Taking up all your concentration. It is this image that we’ve used to create something of the likes that should take you in up to the point where you lose track of the environment and the shape of yourself. The way for getting out is to flow with it.

Concept:Tamar Blom
Creation: Tamar Blom, Gerjan Piksen
Production: Suzan Slinger

Special thanks to:
Johannes Bellinkx, Marte Boneschansker

2020, The Netherlands

Coproduced by:
Over het IJ Festival
Wild Vlees (Nieuwe makers subsidie FPK)