In Study for Figure, Tamar researches the concept of intimacy in our present day context. Today everything and everyone has become transparent: unveiled or exposed. Life has become very clear and efficient, but transparency has a dark side. Ironically, this has everything to do with a lack of mystery, shadow and nuance. It is here that we find ourselves and others presenting a ‘face’. German-Korean philosopher Byung-Chul Han describes this as a positive version of ourselves without a dark side. Without any true differences to the other. Without any otherness. And so we have reached an “inferno of the same” which we have to break open to look for the Other. But in order to do so we have to break open ourselves out of our individualism and narcissism and find to courage to accept self-negation for the sake of discovering the Other. It is there that we might find love, desire and intimacy.

Concept Tamar Blom
Performed by Klara Alexova, Isadora Tomasi, Fabián Santarciel de la Quintana & Matteo Bifulco
Produced by Vera Andeweg, Job Rietvelt
Technical assistance by Neal Groot & Reynoud van der Molen
Advice by Loes van der Pligt & Joost Segers
Poster design by Pleun van Dijk
Special thanks to Francesca Lazzeri


2018, The Netherlands

Photo’s by Sergio Gridelli

Design by Pleun van Dijk

This performance is made possible with Wild Vlees new-makers trajectory within the Fonds Podiumkunsten & Plan Talentontwikkeling Brabant, the city council of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the vast partner & co-producer Theaterfestival Boulevard and co-producer Festival Cement. And the generous help of the Veem House for Performance