For Pure Rubens (September 2018-January 2019) at the Boijmans, which brought together an extraordinary amount of Rubens’ oil sketches, I developed with Charles Pas a series of sculptural sequences that did not just ‘respond’ to, or ‘reinterpret’ works but rather emerged surreptitiously during the opening hours of the exhibition and moved through the museum space as equal, contemporary relatives to Rubens’ drawings. The performative, live, character of this work, using nothing but two silent, naked bodies in various sequences of movement and stillness, heightened the inherent sense of closeness and immediacy to the old master’s drawings. While mirroring various figures from his sketches, these sequences explored such feelings of impact, intensity and immediacy that Rubens evoked in drawings such as ‘Two Men Wrestling’ or ‘The Lion Hunt.’ 

Performed and conceived: Tamar Blom, Charles Pas
Special thanks to Suzanne Sanders and Boijmans van Beuningen.

Photo’s: Salih Kilic