This performance was made for Expeditie Theater #7 by Het Zuidelijk Toneel in Tilburg. A project in which makers are invited to work for a short period of time with a professional artist.

Een monument van god is an attempt to catch these times and a search to reveal ‘His’ monument in a fysical and visual performance. Nine youngsters reflect on a feeling of indifference, they share their concerns and portray their hoop.

Concept by Tamar Blom
Live video and music by Lester Arias
Assistance by Len Pillen, Moene Roovers &Naomi Steijger
Performed by Sophie Bax, Mare Boonstra, Ralph Van Boxtel, Jona van den Brand, Ietje Hermans, Maartje Megens, Babs Post, Sophie van Slooten, Lonneke Stroop